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Angel’s Do the Darndest Things!

Unlike any angel book you’ve read before, Angels Do The Darndest Things! demonstrates how lifelike angel doll sculptures bring individuals closer to the divine aspects of their own personal lives.

Intuitive, artist and craftswoman Elsie Poliquin (deceased 2018) received a message one day that said she would make angel dolls with magnificent wings and costumes – physical manifestations of the divine aspect of the angels that live within all of us. Many angels appear in this book such as OPHILIUS, ST. FRANCIS XAVIER, NINA, JERRIS and HEATHER, just to name a few! Told through various accounts of personal true stories from people who received angel dolls, and with introductory chapters by co-authors Sandra Davis and Elsie Poliquin, this book of whimsy and lighthearted inspiration will delight readers looking for connections to the angelic realm, and a new way of healing.


This book is the result of a three month vacation in Aix-En-Provence. While enjoying the company of two of my 7 grandchildren; we three chose to embark on an exciting adventure! The idea was born with the discovery of two rabbits, spied foraging on a grassy knoll, all part of our residence at ‘Villa San Souci’.

Before too long the rabbits had been named, Sasha & Charlie. Granddaughter Emma was 6 years old, a budding artist, and a lover of horses. Grandson Roan was, well, two and a half years old…need I say more? ‘Rambunctious’ certainly comes to mind!

At my ‘Gramma Sandy’s’ suggestion we decided to write a story about our new friends. Squeals of delight! quickly led to the collection of crayons and an enormous pile of computer paper. What began innocently as an afternoon story, became weeks and weeks of drawing and storytellingmagical, to be sure!

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