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Prudence The Moose

Meet Prudence the Moose  & Gramma Sandy

Gramma Sandy offers an aspect of my psyche that dwells in the heart of me; and Prudence the Moose represents a safe and friendly mascot. All the innocence, the playfulness that has helped shape my internal landscape with kindness and generosity of spirit, is exemplified by Prudence and her animal medicine.1Medicine Cards by Jamie Sam & David Carson  SHE has inspired me with a sense of accomplishment and the recognition of the joyfulness which comes from a job well done!2Moose Medicine Self-Esteem  I now traverse my map, the Medicine Wheel, with a consciousness I was previously unaware of.  

Prudence has provided me with a true north! An uncomplicated compass. A different way to navigate that has assisted me greatly. With her soft brown body, all warm and snuggly, and her floppy orange antlers, framing her funny face….A face only a mother could love! With BIG elongated eyes, tight lips and a big snout….it was love at first sight! I was in love and truly smitten. The lovely woman at the Self-Help store insisted I accept this stuffed toy moose as a gift. 

She said, just witnessing my joy and elation over this inanimate moose, made her feel like laughing out loud! Enjoy! Was her parting word. 

Prudence guided me organically….to an unfamiliar environment!  Devoid of harshness, aggression, dominance, or the abuse of power….A friendly habitat. Warmth and caring, gentle acceptance and acknowledgement is what I was blessed to find. The surety of a safe place to come home to and rest. It is my desire to use this website and my passion for words, to make introductions to the spirit that dwells within each of us.

Prudence the moose has determined to make it her mission3Moose Medicine, page 80 to provide a gateway to the inner child, and develop communication with the wealth of information that our inner child is in possession of! After all, She has been the keeper of the keys….she knows where the bodies are buried!

Many people are becoming aware of the term authentic.4Of undisputed origin; genuine But rare is the person who chooses authentic action. The reason is a simple one; they’re not intimate with their Authentic Self5Authentic self can be best described as: “The one you are looking for, is the one who is looking” – Francis of Assisi. They’ve not yet established a relationship; making this action improbable. Prudence provides an uncomplicated compass, a new and different way to navigate life.

Gone are the days of stumbling blindly without the cognitive process engaged. Choosing anything over substance, at every turn! Stubbornly working our will without thought or even concern, for the consequences! The trail of broken and shattered dreams and aspirations paving the path to where, exactly? Never even a consideration….just ploughing ahead.

Coming Soon: Prudence The Moose ‘Self-Esteem’ Cards..

Book with cards:

Wisdom, Prudence style; Mirror Mirror on the Wall

BACK OF CARD     (# 5)
Wisdom, Prudence style; Mirror, Mirror on the wall?
Who is the fairest of them all
You of course! Could there be any doubt?
Your smile lights up the sun, to bring light into the world
Your tears bring the rain, to cleanse and refresh
Your happiness creates rainbows, that dance and play on distant hillsides
Your sadness excavates the unstable, and provides clarity!
You are the 8th wonder of this world and beyond….

1 – Medicine Cards by Jamie Sam & David Carson
2 – Moose Medicine Self-Esteem
3 – Moose Medicine, page 80
4 – Of undisputed origin; genuine
5 – Authentic self can be best described as: “The one you are looking for, is the one who is looking” – Francis of Assisi